Little ability small finance but dream is really big, when wealthy generation  made themselves is their own  arena of joy and almost forget their responsibility towards the human rights then two great hearted  personnel Brigadier General A.K.M Mahfuzul Haque (Retd.) and Engineer. Nasir Uddin Amed Nasim (PhD), crossed their all limitation to establish such kind of instance for human being not by the chance but investing each and every moment of high effective professionalism innovative approaches and moral high values.

Unity is power, co-operative is prosperity” the probed will come true from the dreaming phase to reality through magical touch of M/S MAN Enterprise’s in-visual hand. Moral and legal obligation of the initiators through childhood to retirement to ensure minimum one drop of pure drinking water for dweller of Dhaka City by which making satisfaction of Allmighty Allah. Candle light, lightening each other to touch the dream towards enlighten of human next era, through unlimited stamina of effort, successful long professional career and the silent crying of deprived humanity-Really now M/S MAN Enterprise did an impossible task.

By installing, irection and commissioning of 50 Numbers of deep tube well where ensuring minimum 3.168 million gallon per day fresh pure drinking water of dweller of Dhaka City which shows our firm and rigid determination towards our commitment. Successes had made us confidence level gradually higher to higher then a group of decent and discipline expert join together to set up new arena of business.