M/S Man Enterprise has been engaged in drilling and installation of Deep Tube Well; import and supply the materials for constriction of Deep Tube Wells Equipments. The firm has engaged in drilling and installation of Deep Tube Well and supplier of materials of DTW at various cantonments of Bangladesh Army. Me is enlisted with Dhaka WASA as supplier and to sink DTW at various places of Dhaka City. The Firm has joint venture with Bangladesh Diesel plant (BDP) Ltd. to sink DTW in Dhaka city. Me will be engaged in civil works and suppliers with Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) in near future. The Firm drills depth up to 1.083 feet through all sort of condition excluding hard rock and shell.

The Firm uses Submersible Pump, Jetting Pump, Casing and 8” dia Blind pipe. 16” and 18” dia Housing pipe. 8” dia ss Screens, Reducer (200mm× 400mm, 200mm× 450mm), 3 meter Bail Plug, Centralizer, Suction Pipe, Welding Rod (SS, MS), Round Bar, Flat Bar (MS), Round Bar (MS), Gravel, Straw, Sack, cement etc for constriction of DTW. The Firm also uses chemical i.e. CMC. Bentonite, Calgon, Bleaching powder and lubricants i.e. Diesel, Mobil Gera oil, Greeze. ME also supplies these construction materials.

As per information received from management, he firm completed 12 projects itself and 4 projects as joint venture with BDP up to 30 September 2014. Ongoing work (2) and upcoming work (3) of ME have itself. Up to 30 September 2014 the amount of completed work is BDT 87.3 million against which the firm received BDT 61.2 million (70%). Details of work status are given Appendix-1