Constructio of Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

M/S MAN Enterprise construction the water treatment plant (WTP) as per the following process:

1. Raw Water Reservoir

2. Final Water Reservoir

3. Aeration Pump

4. Aeration Tower with cascade tray

5. Sand filtration Unit

6. Dosing Unit for coagulation system

7. Settling tank

8. Feed Pump

9. Back Wash Pump

10. Chlorination Unit

11. Pre Filter

12. Multimedia Filter (Iron removal unit)

13. Carbon Filter (De-chlorination unit)

14. Water softener (Softening unt)

15. Water Polisher (Micron or cartridge filter)

16. Anti scalene Unit

17. Reverse Osmosis or desalination unit

18. UV Sterilizer

19. Absolute Filter (0.2 micron or less)

20. Distillation plan (Multi column)